Monday, July 27, 2009

The case of the messed up Studio 1737 - I hope no one else gets one of these!

I purchased a Studio 1737 in February (actually 2 of them - one for myself and one for our College Bound daughter). Well Needless to say it has been a royal pain to deal with. They have switched out drives etc several times an then the whole computer and now switching out drives etc again. This message here is to say "Buyer beware - DON'T buy a Studio 1737. I've been very patient but my patience is gone. We used Dell for years now I wouldn't have another one if you gave it to me! Before you buy a new computer read, read, and read again. You may be sorry if you don't!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Make every dollar count BUY Soap in Loaves - SAVE $$$$'s!

In today's economy we have to make every dollar we spend count. Why buy a name brand product when you can get a high quality handmade product for a lot less. At Luvy Bear Soaps & SCENTsations you don't have to be a vendor to purchase my loaves of soap saving you BIG $$$$'s. Looking for Glycerin Soaps and not Cold Processed Soaps by the loaf then check out these:
Glycerin Soaps by the Loaf

Think you can get those favorite scents you get at other places like BBW and VS in the mall - think again! I have them! Here's my fragrance and essential oils list:

Fragrance and E.O. Descriptions

Don't see something you like - ask as I do custom work too - try getting that done at the big guys - it don't happen.

Today we Americans need to stand together and BUY American. Check out those big guys and see where their products are made - you might be surprised at that too. At Luvy Bear Soaps I strive to make sure that each and every product I make is the way you want it and as individual as you are. I always have FREE SHIPPING in the 50 US States and I don't charge you an arm and a leg to custom make your product your way.

Whether you are a Retail customer or a Wholesale customer you can find bargains and great prices and HAVE IT YOUR WAY with FREE Shipping (most places make you spend $100's of dollars before they'll ship to you free.)

So when you're in the market for a great product at a great price - Don't go to the malls go to
Luvy Bear Soaps & SCENTsations for all your bath and body products as well as Soy Candles, Custom Teddy Bears and Memory Bears.

While you're in the neighborhood don't forget to check out my other company:
Memorial Bears and More by Ruth for handmade Memory and Memorial Gifts.

I look forward to seeing you!
Ruth Blackwell, owner and artist