Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's been a long time since I have posted anything so figured I better get moving! With the soaps and lotions, Memory Bears and now the little girls clothing it is very very busy! Here are the links to all 3 sites. Luvy Bear Soaps and Scentsations
Memorial Teddy Bears and More By Ruth
and last but not least: Dolly and Me Fashions
By the way "Memorial Teddy Bears and more by Ruth" was one of the feature artist in "Teddy Bear & Friends" magazine the June 2012 issue - article is "Beyond Mohair". They were featuring artists who work in mediums other than fur such as leather, cottons etc and since I have used leather, sleeping bags and other "odd" materials I was chosen to be in the article. This is a very big honor for me and I pinched myself to make sure it's real! LOL

I have been busy with the bears and all. I have even come up with a larger bear (approx 28 inches). Many people asked for larger Memory Bears and now I have one.

A note of Luvy Bear Soaps and Scentsations: I will be offering products in larger sizes (no longer going to be doing the small retail bottles) everything that will stay in the line is being put in larger containers to sell at wholesale prices to retail customers! Just think you can now buy lotions, soaps, scrubs etc in larger quantities and not have to be a wholesale customer! I am aiming to have the website all changed over by the end of September 2012. Please bear with me as I have to make these changes in between customer orders and while designing a few extra special dresses for the Dolly and Me Fashions site. Thanks and check back again for more updates!

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